Participatory Video

I seek to experiment with audiovisual creation from a participatory, transversal and cooperative way which I believe it sometimes lacks. 

Following the wake of participatory video techniques, the participants perform games and dynamics to learn the equipment (microphones, cameras, recorders, clapboards...) and later face the challenge of creating their own piece, be it documentary, fiction or video art.  

Stargate san honorato

Video creation workshop part of the project Barriometrajes, pushed by La COOFI collective and whose aim was finding new ways of activation and participation among the citizens of San Honorato(Tenerife) neighborhood through different audiovisual techniques. 

a movie school

 A project pushed by TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes), part of the initiative "An artists come to visit us," whose aim is to bring the work of the museum and its artists closer to schools. The process starts by providing the equipment and the skills needed to film. Later the kids starts a process of creation and dialogue among themselves to finally deliver a documentary, fiction or video-art piece.