Video 4 Change

I consider video to be much more than light entertainment. 
A social, political and cultural change tool
that makes us think, connect and act. 

NGOs, institutions, collectives, schools or universities should be aware of the strength of video and use it to reach their objectives.

Following this motto, I took my camera and filmed in Zambia, Spain and Kenya developing the following projects. 

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Made in kibera

Founder and Filmmaker of this social, artistic and entrepreneur project in Kibera (Kenya), one of the biggest slums in Africa. Our aim: unify its artists and build the first professional audiovisual studio inside the slum.



Scriptwriter and director of this 8 episode Webserie where our super heroe, Jobbing Hood, as a clear objective:  all youth take advantage of the European Union´s employment services. 

 Photo credit Jaime Bravo (2017)

Photo credit Jaime Bravo (2017)

Tagoror de la Imagen

Creador y dinamizador de proyecto de Vídeo Participativo centrado en el acercamiento de la creación audiovisual a niños y niños de primaria desde un enfoque que promulgue la transversalidad, la cooperación y el diálogo en la toma de decisiones


kubuka NGO

More than 2 years collaborating with this young Spanish NGO that works in several Zambia and Kenya communities. A variety of materials such as videos, photos, campaigns and event coverage in order to support building its online image. 

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Director and editor of the featured documentary Kibera Sauti. Geoffrey, Simon and Philip are   artists from Kibera(Kenia), one of the biggest slums in África, who want to improve their community through arts.