Luis Lanchares Bardají
Luis Lanchares Bardají
Filmmaker and communication especialist


With my sight set on films and television, ideas and stories, I realized that they should be used for something more than entertainment. The strength and impact of communication for social change.

This idea chase and push me to explore the confluence between communication and development with the goal of creating initiatives that support and even create new projects of social change. I like to think that I am the link between two worlds that sometimes are poorly connected and that could benefit from each other.


Among the communication tools I have a favorite: video. Think a concept and find an idea; develop a script and plan the shooting; produce, film, edit and share. I enjoy this process a lot be it in concerts, music videos, web series or short films. I seek to think different in every creation trying to highlight in this ocean of products which invade us through the internet.


Here I am!

I am always ready to talk, help and collaborate. 

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