In September 2015 I joined the collective Kibera Creative Arts and Kubuka NGO as Project Director and Filmmaker to officially start Made in Kibera.

Our main goal was to create the first audiovisual production studio inside Kibera so that artist will be able to keep pushing their art in an affordable and continous way.

3 successful crowdfunding campaigns with more than 10,000 euros and 300 pledgers; media coverage; two Kibera massive events and many songs and videos later, 
we made it.

Made in Kibera Productions is already running!

Check our website.


Stories On the Move

Step by step. The first move was to show the world that actually Kibera has great musicians, dancers and comedians. Along with Creative Director, Andrea Gusart, we mapped the art in Kibera through these small clips.



In order to connect Kibera artists with the rest of the world and viceversa we pushed the Requests. Through our web site people was invited to ask for personalized songs by Kibera artists for 15 euros that went straight to them. 

Here are some examples!


Made in Kibera. Official Song

This is were all started. 10 artists from all around the slum came together to send a message of hope, positivity and happiness. We recorded a song and a music video to fight against the negative image that always follow Kibera and to remind its strenghts and assets.