Communication Especialist

Success is a mix of strategies, tools and actions.
Communication provides us with a wide variety of them in order
to reach our objectives and it is our duty to master all of them.


Digital media management 

I have been part of different communication teams assisting them in building a strong public image and reach their objectives. My duties were especially related to online actions including the design of online communication and marketing strategies and the management and monitoring of Social Media, Blog, Newsletters and Web.

  • Blog Manager. In charge of a collaborative blog where I find, monitore and publish content.  Here and here are also some pieces I wrote.
  • Social Media Manager. I have taken active part in the management of this and this Instagram and this and this Facebook accounts.
  • Web manager: We put together and manage this project web site




This communication teams put together and push different campaigns and actions for concrete objectives such as raise awareness, funds or attention from media to our sites. 

  • Crowdfunding campaigns. This and this campaigns were essential to raise funds. 
  • Awareness campaigns. This was our idea to raise awareness in the Christmas campaign.
  • Media appearances. Spanish Television dedicated a program to our projects in Kenya.